Vira-Lata: “Hole, sweet hole” in the Streets of Cartagena

During my last visit to Cartagena this past March I was delighted to run accross a tiny hole/home painted at ground level in a street downtown.  I later learned it was part of a series produced by Vira-Lata, or Vira-Lata Mannara, a collective that defines itself as two people working together: Spanish street artists Elena Gisbert and Rebeca Ros:

IMG_4632 copy

As I see it, the street art project “Hole, sweet hole” (2011/2012) rests on creating dialogue in the streets: a careful observation of, and ludic adaptation to, its environment, and a playful interaction with its viewers:

4628 rt


The wall also houses a mural that seems to belong to the “headless bodies” series by the Vira-Lata Mannara:

IMG_4629Cartagena, Murcia, 13 April 2014.

Once you see yourself moving on to find out if there are more pieces around the corner, you know that you are on Vira-Lata’s terrain: “jugar a encontrar” (to play to find/find out), a notion that guides its latest projects.

You can see more pictures of “Hole sweet hole” at Vira-Lata’s portfolio here and images of their work at their website.  You can also see images of “Multicines RIP” (2008), an urban intervention project that reflects on the closing down of movie theaters in Cartagena here.

Other images of the “Headless Bodies” series can be found starting on page 52 here and here.

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