Are You Dead?: An Invitation From the Walls of Tetuán

Are You Dead? understands itself as an idea, an invitation for us passers-by to ask ourselves precisely that question as we go about our daily business.  As I see it, a practice of cognitive and cultural activism at its best: an unexpected interpellation, a wake-up call to confront the passivity and apathy produced by the numbing and lethal imaginaries of neoliberalism.  Here are some images of the pieces I found in Tetuán some days ago:


Are you dead IMG_5753

IMG_5757Tetuán, 22 May 2014.

To see more images of Are You Dead’s work in other neighborhoods, click the tag “Are You Dead” in this blog.  To see Are You Dead?’s thought-provoking current and earlier projects, visit its Facebook page, Instagram, and webpage.

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