Mensajes por Lavapies / Messages Down Lavapiés

It’s time for a selection of stencils, slogans, tags, icons, and demands by both anonymous and named writers that share their subjectivities and concerns on the walls of Lavapiés:




IMG_5925Taishi Nishihiro on shutter. To see his work, click here.

IMG_5953“Por la destrucción del sistema, no de las personas / In favor of the destruction of the system, not of people”

sin dromestycar IMG_5956Sindromesticar: stencil.  To see more stencils, enter here.

sue IMG_5962sue

IMG_5966Si la represión avanza El pueblo se levanta!! / If repression advances, the people will rise!!”

Sabek y BLMZ IMG_5910Sabek, Belmez Face:  “Always Losers.”  To see more, check Sabek’s Facebook page.

5911 rtE1000.  To see more of his work, visit his Flickr gallery.

NO HOPE IMG_5912No Hope

Sabek y BLMZ DINGO IMG_5917Sabek, Belmez Face, Dingo Perro Mudo.  To read an interview (in Spanish) with Dingo check here.

Lavapiés, Madrid, 25 May 2014.

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