19:36: “REscATE / REscUE”

September 10, 2012:  Journalist María Casado asked Spanish president Mariano Rajoy a key question during his first televised interview: “Presidente ¿España necesita un rescate?” (Mr. President: Does Spain need a bailout?)  Rajoy: “… A ver …” (… Well …).  October 2012 and January 2013:  “España no necesita ningún rescate” (“Spain does not need a bailout“) affirmed then and current Spanish economy minister, when all evidence pointed to the contrary.  “REscATE” (2013) was Spanish street art collective 19:36’s response to that will to silence and distortion of reality:

redesycalles IMG_6270(To the right:  a pasteup by AM3BA)

19:36 intervened the Escape key in computer keyboards and turned it into a REscATE key, one of the most circulated euphemisms produced by the ideological narratives of neoliberal capital to justify bank bailouts, loans that overburden sovereign debts, and the subjection of the future of citizens to the rationality of financial markets.  By placing the styrofoam plate up high on several streets in Madrid, 19:36 made visible what government officials were denying and made concrete a reality for everyone to see and talk about.

The plate on Calle del Pez is placed next to a styrofoam plate depicting a head filled with tickets reading “Miedo a todo /Fear of Everything”:

redesycalles IMG_6271

IMG_6269“Miedo a todo,” 19:36: “REscATE,” AM3BA: blue pasteup, Wolf: Space Invader.  Calle del Pez, 31 May 2014.

To see a video on the making of “El REscATE” and documenting the street action, click here. To visit 19:36’s blog, click here.

To see AM3BA’s work, click here.

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