SEPA [Sepa Usted …]: “Lo quiero gratis / I want it for free”

“Lo quiero gratis. Y lo quiero ya. Y lo quiero todo ya / I want it for free. And I want it now. And I want everything now”:


SEPA or Sepa Usted … (“Please know that …”) defines itself as a “proyecto de arte urbano colaborativo absurdo-poético-político-bobo” (absurd-poetic-political-funny collaborative street art project).  The collective placed about 33 paste-ups with poetic-political declarations in different locations in Madrid in the first months of 2014.  “Lo quiero gratis…”   was placed at one of the exterior walls of Esta es una plaza in Lavapiés:

6444_rt1 June 2014.

The declaration seems to echo Nanni Balestrini’s 1971 novel Vogliamo Tutto (We Want Everything).  The novel tells the story of a worker at the FIAT plant who learns to articulate his desires in political terms, recognizes his common ties to other workers, and contributes to the foundation of the Potere Operaio political movement.  The declaration also echoes one of the slogans of #acampadasol in 2011. SEPA’s declaration, while posed in the first person singular, could be read as a call to people’s imagination and creative powers to produce an alternative social order.  Posted at the entrance of Esta es una plaza, a communal project created in 2008 by the neighbors of Lavapiés to produce an alternative space for socialization and the development of social ties, “Yo quiero todo …” could be said to remind people of our agency to change reality and challenge the hegemony of the neoliberal slogan “There is no alternative.”

To see more paste-ups of SEPA’s project, visit Jose Fernandez‘ Pequeño Museo gallery and SEPA’s tumblr.

To find out more about Esta es una plaza’s projects, watch a video here and click here.

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