Multiple Interventions: “Divorced. She got 1/2”

On my way to get a coffee in Malasaña some days ago, I ran into this pasteup by Spanish photographer Sergio de Arrola:

redesycalles 6642 rt

The pasteup is based on a photograph of a car cut in half  with a sign reading “Divorced.  She got half” that de Arrola took on the  Olahe-Ottawa section of his  journey throughtout the U.S.  What called my attention were the multi-layered interventions that met on the pasteup.  The car cut in half was an intervention on the shared property of the divorced couple. The pasteup itself is an intervention on the photograph, and, pasted on the wall, is an intervention on the street.   Finally, on the pasteup, the sign on the car had been intervened by some passer-by who crossed out the “s,” turning the she into a “he,” adding to the substracting logic that guides the sign:

redesycalles detailDetail. Malasaña, Madrid, 20 June 2014.

In this way, de Arrola’s intervention on the street of Malasaña offers a space to establish the multiple dialogues that characterize street art.

To check out Sergio de Arrola’s street art blog (“Rolling Habits Street,”) click here.  For his photography blog, click here.

Thanks to Guillermo de la Madrid, who clued me in via Instagram about the author of the pasteup.  Do check out and spend some time visiting Guillermo’s two excellent pages:  his blog on  street art in Madrid, Escrito en la pared. And the Madrid Street Art Project.  Both are key documentary sources to anyone researching, or just interested in, street art in Madrid.

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