Ways of Doing: “Sin ánimo de nombre” (Not for the Fame)

“Sin ánimo de nombre” (loosely, “not for the fame”).  A refusal, a giving up, a pledge. You read the phrase on the street, walking down Antonio Grilo in Madrid, and it brings up questions about the meanings of doing.

redesycalles 6253 rt

Decentering the focus on the individual name–“a reputation of  fame or distinction“–as ultimate goal, the phrase calls attention to the ways of doing things, their purpose, their relationship to the commons.   These are some of the questions that arise when you walk by the front of the building that houses the collective Sin Ánimo de Nombre in Madrid:

redesycalles 6252 rtZé Carrión.

redesycalles 6251 rtZé Carrión y Borondo.

pepa santamaria 2Borondo  y tags. Foto de Pepa Santamaría.

pepa santamariaBorondo. Foto de Pepa Santamaría. 30 de mayo de 2014.

Sin Ánimo de Nombre was established in late 2011 in Madrid as a collective “con la necesidad de aunar esfuerzos para producir obra artística” (with the need to join efforts to produce artworks).   The following year, its members broadened their objectives and started to focus also on the management of cultural projects.  On January 16, 2014 they presented Proyecto 1+1, Artistas en Microresidencia, (Project 1+1, Artists in Micro-Residence).  The event featured a collective exhibition that included muralists like Zé Carrión, An Wei Lu Li, and Borondo, whose works appear in the photos in this post.  “Sin ánimo de nombre”:  a notion that points to ways of working collectively while transforming the city.  To be continued in future posts…

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