Paredes de Lavapiés: anillos abiertos / Walls of Lavapiés: Open Rings

Paredes de Lavapiés:  “encadenamiento interrumpido de afectos […] anillos abiertos” (Deleuze y Guattari, Mil mesetas: 15) .  Walls of Lavapiés:  “a broken  chain of affects […] open rings” (A Thousand Plateaus: 9)

IMG_6419 redesycalles

# La ballena 70 by Spanish-born artist Jonipunto is part of the series “La cuenta atrás:  la ballena” (The Countdown:  The Whale) which, in his website, dialogues with “Extinciones” (Extinctions) by Uruguayan-born poet Mario Benedetti:

“No sólo las ballenas, los delfines, los osos […]  corren peligro de extinguirse. También enfrentan ese riesgo las promesas […]  la carta magna, los jubilados, los sin techo, la ética primaria, la autocrítica, los escrúpulos simples, el rechazo al soborno […]”   (Not only are the whales, the dolphins, the bears […] in danger of extinction.  So are promises, […] the constitution, retired people, the homeless, basic ethics, self-criticism, scruples, the refusal to receive bribes […]).

IMG_6420  redesycalles

IMG_6421  redesycallesArriba: “¿tiene corazón tu camino? / Does your path have a heart?”  Abajo: RBN.  Lavapiés, Madrid, 1 junio, 2014.

Fish and mammals and reptiles swimming on wood and on a wall.  Stone and wood that undulate.

To see Jonipunto’s street work, enter here.  And here.

You’ll find RBN’s here.


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