Tags: Territories

Walking in the city: reading the tags on the walls:  tags:  writing and the breaking up of private identities.  To become a pack.  Tags:  not given, not proper names but pseudonyms.  Presences that dissolve the media signs of the segregationist city. Tags by Smak47: following Baudrillard, we say: they run across Madrid, they cross Madrid, they run from one wall to the next, they inhabit doors, electricity boxes, windows: tags overflow them, ride them, turning them into bodies activated through writing  (“Kool Killer or the Insurrection of the Sign”: 1980: 82).

redesycalles octubre 20 IMG_9151 copySmak47, calle Zurbano, 20 Oct. 2014.

From that perspective tags do not belong to the realm of private property but of territory:  tags territorialize capitalist urban space: streets and walls become alive and go back to being collective territories  (78).  Tags: appropriations of the streets, resistances to representation:  likely responses to the enclosures dictated by the logics of capital.

redesycalles 9538 rt 3 novSmak 47, Farlopa Crew and others.  Madrid, 3 Nov. 2014.

redesycalles 8900 15 octSmak47 and others.  Madrid, 15 Oct. 2014.

redesycalles 11 oct IMG_8814 copySmak47,Ring, Mufasa, Astronaut, Curruncho, Chico Iwana, TIL, and others.  Madrid, 11 Oct. 2014.

Theres is an interview with Smak47 in GoodFellasMagazine. You can also see photos by several people under the hashtag #smak47 in Instagram. Or in this page on tumblr.

In this video uploaded Colectivo Rémora you can see Smak47, El Chico Iwana, and other illustrators producing their work for the exhibition in “Espacio Incendiado” (Valladolid, March 2011).

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