An Ethics of Walls

On our way home from the airport on the M-11, looking out from the passenger seat.  Intervened, written, inhabited walls and noise barriers. There is an order in them. Graffiti: an ethics of walls. Ethics, for Foucault, refers to the type of relationship one has to oneself.  In that sense, it is a practice, a style of life: a search for a certain “style of existence” (Rabinow 1997: xxxix).  Graffiti on buildings, noise barriers, and walls along the highway. To look for a spot.  To make some room for oneself:  to put oneself next an other, alongside an other:  adjacently: in front, behind, above, below, around.  Never on top of an other: not going over: respect. An ethics of walls: a style of existence.  Ethics, according to Foucault, can be understood as a way of relating, of creating sociality:  modes of being together.

redesycalles  0922 2rt1 Up Crew, Farlopa Crew, Hads, and others.

redesycalles IMG_0918Siar.

redesycalles IMG_0921_1Roume, Sazers.

redesycalles IMG_0919_1From M-11, Madrid. 10 Jan, 2014.


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