An Ethics of Walls

On our way home from the airport on the M-11, looking out from the passenger seat.  Intervened, written, inhabited walls and noise barriers. There is an order in them. Graffiti: an ethics of walls.

redesycalles 0922 2rt1 Up Crew, Farlopa Crew, Hads, and others.

Ethics, for Foucault, refers to the type of relationship one has to oneself.  In that sense, it is a practice, a style of life: a search for a certain “style of existence” (Rabinow 1997: xxxix).  Graffiti on buildings, noise barriers, and walls along the highway. To look for a spot.  To make some room for oneself:  to put oneself next an other, alongside an other:  adjacently: in front, behind, above, below, around.  Never on top of an other: not going over: respect. An ethics of walls: a style of existence.  Ethics, according to Foucault, can be understood as a way of relating, of creating sociality:  modes of being together.

redesycalles IMG_0918Siar.

redesycalles IMG_0921_1Roume, Sazers.

redesycalles IMG_0919_1From M-11, Madrid. 10 Jan, 2014.

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