Slogans on Arturo Soria, Madrid

Walking down in the north east section of Arturo Soria street, in a residential rather non-descript neighborhood in Madrid, we came across three graffiti that, read as series, seek to engage passersby not as consumers but as creative agents.  Writing with fine markers, their writers chose strategic locations to deliver their messages. The first was a declaratory slogan written on a mailbox:

redesycalles la tv es 5412 rt

“TV is house arrest and unimaginative seduction.” The slogan has been circulating for some time in stencils and  graffiti (see here and here) in the Spanish state.

In a seeming response, this exhortative slogan on the top of the mailbox, offered, in rather oracular mode, a hint to emancipate one’s mind:

redesycalles IMG_5415“You are the key.”

redesycalles IMG_5410

One block down, another exhortative slogan popped out from the exterior panel of a little castle in a public children’s playground: “Destroy your own limits, not your dreams.”  A kind reminder, and a warning, and advice to both kids and adults of the new world order.  Oracular teachings on the streets.

redesycalles destruye tus limites 5409 rt“Destroy your own limits, not your dreams.”

redesycalles IMG_5408Arturo Soria, 8  May, 2014.

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