ALTO: Moving Walls: Civic Practices on the Street

Walls that move and open up in Madrid:  moving walls: walls by Alto.  Autonomous aesthetic practices on public space:  a man swimming, bones piling up, cranes flying:  painted with aerosol on walls or at ground level.  Figures popping out from the walls, transfixed by the noise, smells, and life on the street.  ALTO’s figures proliferate in the city and create series that function as “matter ouf of place” (Mary Douglas), occupying unexpected places:  in their being “ouf of place” these figures allow a reflection on the borders that configure the social order.

redesycalles alto series

Practices on the street: series in media res that rehearse practices  to address the systemic attacks against life.  Series I:  Walls turned into water at the Keller,  Self Organized Social Center CSA La Tabacalera de Lavapiés:  bodies painted with aerosol popping out from the walls, swimming them: bodies drowning, bodies disappearing.  Routes, crossingsMar Medi Terraneum: Middle Sea:

redesycalles IMG_5368 20 junio              redesycalles_5380

redesycalles_5385               redesycalles_5387

redesycalles IMG_5388                redesycalles IMG_5390From the series Contracorriente / Travesía en Asfalto.  Keller, 2015.

Mare Nostrum, route of the missing migrants: swum wall, sea of the deceased. The swimming figures crossed the streets of Madrid and circulated on the social media:  “crosscurrent” (see series on Alto’s blog) and “up to their necks”– 1, 2, 3, 4, 5–these figures swam close to your feet, accompanying you on your on way home back from work:  their heads turning to inhale air and keep on swimming.  Painted on the streets to be seen and to interrupt your walk:  crossings as part of a shared tragedy.  Series II:  wall that opens up: the past below earth that crosses the peninsula: on the ground, open, the mass graves:

redesycalles alto fosa comunFrom the series Fosas Comunes / Mass Graves in Lavapiés, in this blog.

You can hear the sound of shovels breaking up the ground.  Mass graves that proliferate on the streets and on the internet.  On the ground:  mass graves and crossings up to your neck.  What is the impact of the opening of mass graves on Spanish society today Series III:  fences that open up to other skies: fences flawn by cranes on El Campo de Cebada:  cranes migrating, sound in movement: a text by ALTO in freehand accompanies them: “thousand of refugees fly restlessly…”

redesycalles P1010766 copy         redesycalles P1010767 copy

Going out to the street.  Choosing the place and interpellating citizens from these “matters out of place.”  A practice of connected borders:  a method: a civic practice.

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