Lessons From the Street: Double Vision

In freehand style and crayons in several colors: graffiti and strabismic vision: a fish of small dimensions and sharp teeth: pirahnas swimming several walls in Madrid:

redesycalles pira 2

Visions:  Nebeneinander: operations by contiguity: lessons in semantics:  Piraña: “3. f. Perú: young street kids who are pickpockets / 4. f. and m. C. Rica, Cuba y Nic. Greedy person.”  Depredation and voraciousness. Heterogeneous meanings and visions.  Strabismus:  “a condition that interferes with binocular vision because it prevents a person from directing both eyes simultaneously towards the same fixation point.”  Lessons from the street:  double register: estranged  gaze.  Ricardo Piglia:  double vision: “a relationship of difference and alliance  with other practices and other languages and other traditions”  (130).

redesycalles pira1

redesycalles pira 4

redesycalles P1030136 copy 1

redesycalles piraña P1020161 copy

redesycalles piraña P1020165 copy

redesycalles piraña P1020164 copy

redesycalles P1000437 copy

Madrid, 2015-2016.

In Instagram:  #piraña_madrid.

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