Graffiti on Doors: Imagining While Walking

Come down, go out:  walk down the streets of cities.  Walking as practice.  Thinking of Thoreau, who wrote an essay about Walking in 1850 and another on Civil Disobedience in 1849, philosopher Fréderic Gros notes that walking may teach disobedience:  “walking forces us to take a distance which is also a critical distance.”

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Graffiti on doors in Barcelona:  tags, wheat pastes, stickers. Works of desire: come down to the street, choose a place,  be alert. Walk and situate yourself in front of doors: make maps and Continue reading

Graffiti en puertas: andar imaginando

Bajar, salir: recorrer las calles de ciudades.  Andar como práctica.  Pensando en Thoreau, que escribió un ensayo sobre el andar (Walking, 1850) y otro sobre la desobediencia civil (Civil Disobedience, 1849), el filósofo Fréderic Gros observa que andar puede enseñar a desobedecer:  “andar nos obliga a tomar una distancia que también es una distancia crítica”.

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Graffiti en puertas de Barcelona:  tags, wheat pastes, pegatinas. Trabajos del deseo: bajar a la calle, escoger la superficie, buscar un sitio, ponerse al lado, estar alerta.  Andar y situarte frente a las puertas: hacer mapas y series de Continue reading

Stickers: Disturbing the Order of Things

Walls of Barcelona: schools of fish. Hand-made stickers placed unrequested on fences, walls, metal plates, windows. Routes of desire and uses of time: drawing, cutting out, going out to the street, choosing the surfaces, finding a spot:  stick, stick, stick, keep on walking.

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Practices of desire:  stickers on the streets, popping out as gifts: schools of Continue reading