Feminist Graffiti for Safe and Free Abortion in Madrid

The political icons, slogans and messages that make up, in part, feminist graffiti interrupt the normative landscape of what Allyson Mitchell calls the “ideological city”:  “systems of belief, laws, and other norms of social interaction” (“The Writings on the Wall:  Feminist and Lesbian Graffiti as Cultural Production”, 2001: 223).  While it is, of course, a heterogeneous cultural production guided by different social theories and different understandings of feminism, what I am here referring to as feminist graffiti is, basically, a writing about power and citizenship.  Among the many relations of power on which this vast cultural production focuses, there is one that stands out on the streets of Madrid since the end of last year: the graffiti that reclaims and defends the right to free abortion: the right of women to decide over their own bodies and lives, and also to produce a more just society for everyone.

redesycalles IMG_7853Fuencarral, 10 Sept. 2014

In an article that is a must-read due to its conceptual clarity, philosopher Beatriz Preciado notes that of all the organs of the body, the uterus has been, Continue reading