Drifting with Street Art: Lived Corners

To drift through Lavapiés, Madrid. The dérive, drifting, as a Situationist practice,  is “a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiances” (Debord). It involves “ludic-constructive behavior and awareness of psychogeographical effects” and it is thus not the same as the classic journey or stroll through the city.  As a cultural strategy one does not engage in a dérive to run into a fortituous encounter that may trigger the unconscious, as in the case of the Surrealist wandering: as a method, the dérive seeks to produce a subversive relation with everyday life in the capitalist city  (Hal Foster et al., 2006: 394).  Here leisure time, free time, is understood as the other side of alienated work  (394). To drift: attentively looking at, and listening to ,the city walls:

redesycalles P1030505 rt

metal and wood sheets, stencils, tags, Continue reading


Anti-Speciecist Stickers: Non Human Animals

Sticker on your way to the Embajadores roundabout: the silhouette of a cow and a message on its body: sticker from the collective Acabemos con el Especismo or Let’s End Speciecism:

redesycalles street art especismo speciesismEmbajadores, May 2016.

A direct message.  Its signature is an exhortation.  Far from appealing to sentimentalism, the statement on the sticker–“meat is the dead body of someone who wanted to live”–is an invitation to consider, and to relate to, animals in a different way:  in dialogue with Jane Goodall, acknowledging that animals have emotions and personality.  From the field of moral philosophy, Continue reading

ALTO: Moving Walls: Civic Practices on the Street

Walls that move and open up in Madrid:  moving walls: walls by Alto.  Autonomous aesthetic practices on public space:  a man swimming, bones piling up, cranes flying:  painted with aerosol on walls or at ground level.  Figures popping out from the walls, transfixed by the noise, smells, and life on the street.  ALTO’s figures proliferate in the city and create series that function as “matter ouf of place” (Mary Douglas), occupying unexpected places:  in their being “ouf of place” these figures allow a reflection on the borders that configure the social order.

redesycalles alto series

Practices on the street: series in media res that rehearse practices  to Continue reading

ALTO: muros en movimiento: prácticas de la calle

Paredes que se mueven y se abren en Madrid: muros de Alto.  Producción estética autónoma en el espacio público: un hombre nadando, huesos apilándose, grullas volando pintadas en aerosol sobre muros y  paredes o a ras del suelo. Figuras brotando de las paredes, transidas por el ruido, los olores, la vida de la calle. Figuras que proliferan por la ciudad y van creando series que funcionan como “materias fuera de lugar” (Mary Douglas) al ocupar lugares no prescritos: en ese estar “fuera de lugar” permiten una reflexión sobre los bordes que configuran el orden social.

redesycalles alto series

Prácticas desde las calles: series en media res que ensayan prácticas con las cuales Continue reading