Intensity and Desire: Encountering COST and ENX in Manhattan

Ubiquitous, these images proliferate all over Manhattan, with a rhythm of their own: black and white posters pasted up high: on brick walls, on glass, on metal: block letters by COST and kimono ladies, wolves, and other animals by his street partner ENX. Urban desires in common: to cut a stencil / to write / to print it / to go up high / to raise your arms, to paste / to walk in the streets / to run into the posters / to raise your head, your eyes / to take a picture.

redesycalles jan 4 15 IMG_0777Enx & Cost. Manhattan, 4 Jan. 2015.

The body, the artifact, the city:  a relationship of affect. “Affect,” observe Alison Young and Mark Halsey, “has to do with intensity rather than identity” (“Our Desires are Ungovernable,” 2006: 278).  “Affect,”  Continue reading


Preguntas: Questions: Doors: Puertas

“Entre los gestos del mundo / recibí el que dan las puertas. / En la luz yo las he visto / o selladas o entrabiertas / y volviendo sus espaldas / del color de la vulpeja. / ¿Por qué fue que las hicimos / para ser sus prisioneras?”  (Gabriela Mistral, “Puertas“, Lagar, 1954).

“Among the gestures of the world / I received the gesture of doors. / I’ve seen them in daylight / sealed or half-open / and turning their fox-brown backs. /  Why did we create them / to become their prisoners?” (Gabriela Mistral, “Doors,” Lagar 1954, my translation).

redesycallesSun by  artist unknown (to me) & tags:  TIL, SUE, and others.  Madrid, May 2014.

redesycalles 2El rey de la ruina: “0’7% RAP” & tags. Madrid, May 2014.

redesycalles 1Sabek, Laparesse & Ciril:  “Que si quiero, que si tengo.” Tags.  May 2014.

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Peeling Walls, Writing Walls: Unmaking the Face

Walking the city, walking in the streets.  She leaves the house to take a walk, passing by the recycling center, passing by the lot in the corner. Walking in the streets as means and milieu. Open to the street, she walks toward the walls:  erosion:  peeling walls.

redesycalles IMG_7255        redesycalles IMG_7542

Walls opening up: boiling walls: a kind of writing.  Writing, suggested Deleuze,  “has no other end than to lose one’s Continue reading

Paredes de Lavapiés: anillos abiertos / Walls of Lavapiés: Open Rings

Paredes de Lavapiés:  “encadenamiento interrumpido de afectos […] anillos abiertos” (Deleuze y Guattari, Mil mesetas: 15) .  Walls of Lavapiés:  “a broken  chain of affects […] open rings” (A Thousand Plateaus: 9)

IMG_6419 redesycalles

# La ballena 70 by Spanish-born artist Jonipunto is part of the series “La cuenta atrás:  la ballena” (The Countdown:  The Whale) which, in his website, dialogues with “Extinciones” (Extinctions) by Uruguayan-born poet Mario Benedetti:

“No sólo las ballenas, los delfines, los osos […]  corren peligro de extinguirse. También enfrentan ese riesgo las promesas […]  la carta magna, los jubilados, los sin techo, la ética primaria, la autocrítica, los escrúpulos simples, el rechazo al soborno […]”   (Not only are the whales, the dolphins, the bears […] in danger of extinction.  So are promises, […] the constitution, retired people, the homeless, basic ethics, self-criticism, scruples, the refusal to receive bribes […]).

IMG_6420  redesycalles

IMG_6421  redesycallesArriba: “¿tiene corazón tu camino? / Does your path have a heart?”  Abajo: RBN.  Lavapiés, Madrid, 1 junio, 2014.

Fish and mammals and reptiles swimming on wood and on a wall.  Stone and wood that undulate.

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