Changing Surfaces: Interactions on the Corner, II

Calle de la Fé and Plaza de Lavapiés: a corner I walk by almost every day. The three security screens covering the windows of a recently vacated bank branch look impenetrable. They project an illusion of security, putting up a visible barrier between a private property and an outside. And yet, the solid steel screens are receptive, turned writing and display surfaces by writers, activists and people advertising events.

photo by @redesycalles of graffiti in Lavapies

Morning of June 20th:  the tags and throws that were there by Continue reading

Graffiti feminista: territorios en el centro de Madrid

redesycalles 20180505_182936“mi cuerpo, mi derecho, mi libertad, #8M / my body, my right, my freedom, 8#”. Stencil. Palos de la Frontera, Madrid, 5 de mayo, 2018.

Andas por las calles del distrito Centro de Madrid la mañana y la tarde del 5 de mayo. Los stencils, lemas y graffiti feministas en las calzadas, paredes, esquinas van creando superficies de intensidad activista y política que Continue reading