Preguntas: Questions: Doors: Puertas

“Entre los gestos del mundo / recibí el que dan las puertas. / En la luz yo las he visto / o selladas o entrabiertas / y volviendo sus espaldas / del color de la vulpeja. / ¿Por qué fue que las hicimos / para ser sus prisioneras?”  (Gabriela Mistral, “Puertas“, Lagar, 1954).

“Among the gestures of the world / I received the gesture of doors. / I’ve seen them in daylight / sealed or half-open / and turning their fox-brown backs. /  Why did we create them / to become their prisoners?” (Gabriela Mistral, “Doors,” Lagar 1954, my translation).

redesycallesSun by  artist unknown (to me) & tags:  TIL, SUE, and others.  Madrid, May 2014.

redesycalles 2El rey de la ruina: “0’7% RAP” & tags. Madrid, May 2014.

redesycalles 1Sabek, Laparesse & Ciril:  “Que si quiero, que si tengo.” Tags.  May 2014.

To see more pieces by El Rey de la Ruina, click these pages: flickr1flickr, Madrid Street Art Project, among others.

To see more by Sabek, visit flickr, facebook, among others.


Mensajes por Lavapies / Messages Down Lavapiés

It’s time for a selection of stencils, slogans, tags, icons, and demands by both anonymous and named writers that share their subjectivities and concerns on the walls of Lavapiés:




IMG_5925Taishi Nishihiro on shutter. To see his work, click here.

IMG_5953“Por la destrucción del sistema, no de las personas / In favor of the destruction of the system, not of people”

sin dromestycar IMG_5956Sindromesticar: stencil.  To see more stencils, enter here.

sue IMG_5962sue

IMG_5966Si la represión avanza El pueblo se levanta!! / If repression advances, the people will rise!!”

Sabek y BLMZ IMG_5910Sabek, Belmez Face:  “Always Losers.”  To see more, check Sabek’s Facebook page.

5911 rtE1000.  To see more of his work, visit his Flickr gallery.

NO HOPE IMG_5912No Hope

Sabek y BLMZ DINGO IMG_5917Sabek, Belmez Face, Dingo Perro Mudo.  To read an interview (in Spanish) with Dingo check here.

Lavapiés, Madrid, 25 May 2014.

La Banda del Rotu in Lavapiés

The joyful icons by the prolific street art collective La Banda del Rotu have been inhabiting the streets of Madrid for some time now. Octopuses, bears, astronauts, fish, and other marvelous creatures relate to each other forming maps of magic and pleasure on metal doors, shutters, signposts, and poles.  They address us through curiosity and wonder.  No small feat in a city currently overburdened by budget cuts and the lack of imagination of politicians.  Here are some pieces by La Banda I ran into last Sunday in Lavapiés.

IMG_5492La Banda del Rotu:  Mufasa, Sabek, Astro Naut, Curruncho; and Perdigón.

IMG_5490Ruina and La Banda del Rotu

IMG_5497La Banda del Rotu:  Mufasa, Sabek, Astro Naut, Curruncho. Tag:  Tohse!

IMG_5498La Banda del Rotu and Dingo.



IMG_5540Curruncho and Mufasa (La Banda del Rotu).

IMG_5539Curruncho and Mufasa (La Banda del Rotu). KSPER.  E1000.


IMG_5549Mufasä and Curruncho.

IMG_5564Curruncho and Mufasa with guitar.

IMG_5573Mufasa and Curruncho.

IMG_5581La banda del Rotu:  Mufasa, Curruncho, Astro Naut, Sabek:  De vuelta! / Back!”.  Dingo.  1Up, and others.

Lavapiés, 5/11/2014.