Yipi Yipi Yeah: Señal de Tráfico / Traffic Sign

redesycalles IMG_6503

redesycalles IMG_6502

redesycalles IMG_6490Fuencarral, Madrid 10 June 2014.


La Banda del Rotu in Lavapiés

The joyful icons by the prolific street art collective La Banda del Rotu have been inhabiting the streets of Madrid for some time now. Octopuses, bears, astronauts, fish, and other marvelous creatures relate to each other forming maps of magic and pleasure on metal doors, shutters, signposts, and poles.  They address us through curiosity and wonder.  No small feat in a city currently overburdened by budget cuts and the lack of imagination of politicians.  Here are some pieces by La Banda I ran into last Sunday in Lavapiés.

IMG_5492La Banda del Rotu:  Mufasa, Sabek, Astro Naut, Curruncho; and Perdigón.

IMG_5490Ruina and La Banda del Rotu

IMG_5497La Banda del Rotu:  Mufasa, Sabek, Astro Naut, Curruncho. Tag:  Tohse!

IMG_5498La Banda del Rotu and Dingo.



IMG_5540Curruncho and Mufasa (La Banda del Rotu).

IMG_5539Curruncho and Mufasa (La Banda del Rotu). KSPER.  E1000.


IMG_5549Mufasä and Curruncho.

IMG_5564Curruncho and Mufasa with guitar.

IMG_5573Mufasa and Curruncho.

IMG_5581La banda del Rotu:  Mufasa, Curruncho, Astro Naut, Sabek:  De vuelta! / Back!”.  Dingo.  1Up, and others.

Lavapiés, 5/11/2014.