Graffiti on Doors: Imagining While Walking

Come down, go out:  walk down the streets of cities.  Walking as practice.  Thinking of Thoreau, who wrote an essay about Walking in 1850 and another on Civil Disobedience in 1849, philosopher Fréderic Gros notes that walking may teach disobedience:  “walking forces us to take a distance which is also a critical distance.”

redesycalles P1010458 copy

Graffiti on doors in Barcelona:  tags, wheat pastes, stickers. Works of desire: come down to the street, choose a place,  be alert. Walk and situate yourself in front of doors: make maps and Continue reading


Anti-Speciecist Stickers: Non Human Animals

Sticker on your way to the Embajadores roundabout: the silhouette of a cow and a message on its body: sticker from the collective Acabemos con el Especismo or Let’s End Speciecism:

redesycalles street art especismo speciesismEmbajadores, May 2016.

A direct message.  Its signature is an exhortation.  Far from appealing to sentimentalism, the statement on the sticker–“meat is the dead body of someone who wanted to live”–is an invitation to consider, and to relate to, animals in a different way:  in dialogue with Jane Goodall, acknowledging that animals have emotions and personality.  From the field of moral philosophy, Continue reading

Pegatinas antiespecistas: animales no humanos

Pegatina camino a la glorieta de Embajadores: la silueta de una vaca y un mensaje sobre el cuerpo: sticker del colectivo Acabemos con el Especismo:

redesycalles street art especismo speciesismEmbajadores, mayo 2016.

Comunicación directa.  Su firma una exhortación.  Lejos de invocar el sentimentalismo, la declaración en la pegatina–“la carne es el cuerpo muerto de alguien que quería vivir”– invita a considerar a, y relacionarse con, los animales de manera diferente: en diálogo con Jane Goodall, reconociendo que tienen sentimientos y personalidad. Desde la filosofía moral, la Continue reading

Stickers: Disturbing the Order of Things

Walls of Barcelona: schools of fish. Hand-made stickers placed unrequested on fences, walls, metal plates, windows. Routes of desire and uses of time: drawing, cutting out, going out to the street, choosing the surfaces, finding a spot:  stick, stick, stick, keep on walking.

redesycalles 1

Practices of desire:  stickers on the streets, popping out as gifts: schools of Continue reading

Pegatinas: perturbar el orden de las cosas

Paredes de Barcelona: bancos de peces. Pegatinas hechas a mano pegadas sin permiso sobre vallas, paredes, chapas, ventanas.  Rutas del deseo y usos del tiempo: dibujar, recortar, salir a la calle, escoger las superficies: pegar, pegar, pegar, seguir andando.

redesycalles 1

Prácticas de deseo:  pegatinas por la calle, como regalos: bancos de Continue reading

Por Favor: El oso y el madroño / The Bear and The Berry Tree

I’ve recently ran into a couple of images of Spanish street artist Por favor’s intervention of  the official symbol of the city of Madrid.  While the famous statue at Puerta del Sol and the logo of the Ayuntamiento (city hall) depict a robust bear and a blossoming tree–the statue itself is about 4 meters high and weighs about 20 tons–Por Favor’s stickers depict squalid icons, eloquently pointing to deprivation of vital nourishment and to a city’s administration in decay:

Por Favor IMG_5948Lavapiés, 25 May 2014.

IMG_6218El oso y el madroño,  Paseo del Prado, 30 May 2014.


To see other urban interventions by Por Favor check out Tumblr.  Here is another link to his work.

Street Art in Madrid: Barrio de las Letras (Literary Quarter)

Walking down el Barrio de las Letras (Literary Quarter) in the center of Madrid on a Sunday afternoon may give you an idea of the vital street art culture of the city.









IMG_5004Món Mort La Ira



alles allein 1 IMG_5271Alles Allein


IMG_5274Padu: No entry sign.


PorFavor 1IMG_5276PorFavor: stencil.

PorFavor 2 IMG_5277Por Favor: “Esperanza Spalding.”


amplio are you dead1Are You Dead?: paste-up.


amplio are you dead3Are You Dead?


IMG_5283La Banda del Rotu, Lapararesse, TIL, Sue, PB, Dulce, Synar, & others.


IMG_5289Padu:  no entry sign.




IMG_5291Ruina:  “No hace falta que te guste para que sea arte 5€ / You don’t need to like it for it to be art 5€.”

Barrio de las letras, Madrid 5/4/2014.